Air Conditioning

Truck drivers spent much more time behind the wheel than most other road users. That makes the proper function of your cabin’s auto electrical system vital to keeping the driver comfortable in those long hours on the road, particularly in warmer weather.

At Heavylec we specialise in keeping your truck’s air conditioning system in top condition, from replacing faulty air con units and leaking hosing to cleaning out vents and re-gassing your vehicle’s air con with the refrigerants it needs to keep you nice and cool on the road, all done in accordance to ARC requirements.

Auto Electrical

Your truck’s electrical system is vital to the safe operation of your truck, controlling everything from starting and stopping your vehicle to the operation of your truck and trailer’s brake systems and signalling. Faults in your vehicle’s wiring can be a danger to yourself, your payload and other road users around you should it go unchecked.

At Heavylec, in addition to ensuring that your vehicle’s essential systems are wired correctly, we can also test and replace damaged or faulty electrical components, from batteries to alternators and starter motors. We can also install and upgrade your vehicle’s lighting systems, from light bars and high beams to cabin lighting and a range of other accessories. We can also fit your vehicle with solar panels, additional battery systems and other auxiliary power sources.

Truck Bunk Air Conditioning

At Heavylec we know truck drivers work some of the longest hours of anyone in Australia. Long, lonely days and nights on the road make the quality of rest one gets at the end of it all that much more important.

We can supply, fit and service a range of air conditioning solutions from trusted brand Webasto for your vehicle’s bunker or sleeper cab to ensure that no matter the season or conditions outside, you’ll have a satisfying night’s sleep, ready to hit the road again in the morning.